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Gaia Girls* Passages provides long term mentoring for youth through nature and soul based after-school and summer programs in the San Francisco Bay area.

Gaia Girls in person programming is on pause due to Covid 19 until there is clearance to gather in groups.  For now, we welcome you to join one of our online series or DONATE to support us through this time. 

Online Classes to Connect with Nature During Shelter-In-Place!

This is a wonderful time to create a deeper relationship with your local place. Each class is designed to get you outside and exploring the place you call home.  We are using the google classroom platform, with a series of videos and guiding instructions.  We have a weekly optional Zoom checkin for those who are doing the classes as well.  These are donation based offerings.  Once you sign up we will send you an invite to register and a link to donate (you choose what to donate).

How To Have a Wild Listening Time Practice

Having a special spot outside that you return to regularly is one of the best ways to get to know the natural world, and yourself!  When you join this class Sarai will offer fun exercises to help you to find the perfect spot (backyard is great), and practices to learn about your place through observation, art, and journaling.  This is a great daily practice during this shelter-in-place time that can be as short as 5 minutes and as long as you want!  Kids can do on their own as long as parents approve their spot, it can be done caregiver and child together, and we have several adults who are doing the course as well.  It is designed for kids, but is applicable for all ages. 


Exploring your Local Wild Medicinal and Edible Plants Class

Learn the basics of identifying plants growing in your neighborhood, including trees and low growing herbs that can be used for food or medicine.  In this three class series Caitlin will teach how to be a safe and respectful harvester, you will do some basic identification of local plants and then work on a wild edible salad and an immune tonic.  Kids under 10 will need to have an adult do this class with them.  Kids 11 and above can take it on their own but will still need some adult support. 


Gaia Girls Programs

Learn more about each of our program offerings by clicking below:

“I love being at Gaia Girls.  When I’m here I feel like there is no pressure to be pretty or anything.  I also feel like Gaia Girls is a community that I can always trust.”*

“I love how whenever I arrive, no matter how my day was I can’t help but feel happy.”*

“I’m always comfortable here, and love being with the aunties and Gaia Girls. Gaia Girls always makes me feel grateful for life.”

“I found myself looking forward to growing up rather than dreading it.  I now feel proud to be a woman.”

“Gaia Girls is always a huge relief in my week, and I feel more confident in myself and with others.  I am a lot more connected to the earth and in some way protected from what I don’t like about middle school, like bad attitudes, judgment, and self depreciation and insecurity”.*

*All quotes are from Gaia Girls who have been involved with us for 2 or more years. Names are not used to protect the girls’ anonymity.

An explanation of what we mean when we say Girl*

In addition to cis girls (gender matches sex assigned at birth), we include in our definition of “girl” those who identify as transgender, genderqueer, and gender nonconforming who feel that Gaia Girls is a supportive home for them. In addition, all sexual orientations are welcome. 


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Email: support@gaiagirlspassages.org

Phone: 510-731-0308

Address: 651 66th Street

Oakland, CA 94609

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gaiagirlspassages/

Most photography by Erika Gagnon

Gaia Girls Passages is a project of Gaia Passages, a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID # is 82-1688828 

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