Artemis Village for Girls and Moms

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Artemis Wilderness Village for Girls and Moms

WHEN: 2020 dates coming soon!


WHO: For female-identified and gender expansive youth entering grades 4-10
Mothers or Female Caregivers joins Thursday evening-Saturday afternoon!

TUITION: 2020 info coming soon

Scholarships available on our online registration

This includes tuition for child for full week + adult caregiver on weekend

Payment Plans available on our online registration.

Contact us to request additional scholarship. No one turned away!

Are you a girl who loves …

to follow rocks down a stream, connect with the plants and the animals, make crafts and herbal medicine, to connect with a kind and courageous group of girls?

Are you a mom or female caregiver who wants…

to be part of a supportive female community as your daughter grows from girl to teenager to woman, and cultivate a deeper connection with her in the process?

Come be a part of a thriving village …

Give yourself and your daughter the gift of being supported in the important transition from her childhood into her teenage years by a healthy and inspiring female, nature-based village.
Natural crafting
Herbal medicine
Animal Tracking
Improvisational Theater
Movement and Yoga
Creative Writing
Evening Campfires
Water Honoring Ceremony
Sharing Circles and “Inner Tracking”
Moon Time Awareness
Self Care and Nurturance

“This camp and Gaia Girls Passages has strengthened my bond with my daughter by plugging her into the energy of her source and the knowledge of who she is, as a girl emerging into a woman and as a human being.” ~ Amy, mother of Skye Manley

See more reflections from mothers HERE 

Our Beautiful Location!

We will be gathering at the beautiful Camp Tamarancho in Fairfax, Marin County. This year-round camp has over 480 acres of meadows, redwood- and oak-forested campsites, a lake for swimming and boating, extensive trails and places to explore, and several rustic cabins for mothers if desired. And, the cherry on top is that it is conveniently located for people who live in the San Francisco Bay area as it is just two miles from Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Marin County!

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Campgrounds:  There will be two camps within our larger village.

Wildflowers Front Country Camp:  Our girls entering grades 4-5 and 6-7 will be in two separate groups in a special camp lined with oak and redwoods close to the lake and center camp.

Wildcat Back Country Camp:  Our older girls entering grades 8-10 will reside in a beautiful campground, further from central camp. They will be part of the bigger village, but will sleep under the stars with each other in their own mini village and be taken on some special, age appropriate adventures.

Accommodations: There is potable water at all campsites and in our kitchen.  All meals will be provided with organic ingredients and local when possible.  Diet accommodates omnivores, vegetarians, and those with allergies of any kind.   Pit toilets and flushing toilets are available on the ground as well as limited shower use.

Mother or Female Caregiver’s Attendance

  • We highly recommend that mother or female caregiver join us from Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon.

  • If there is an extenuating circumstance that prevents you from coming for Thursday evening through Saturday, then we ask mother or a caregiver to be there on Saturday from 10am-2pm.

  • If mother or female caregiver has a younger sibling (boy or girl) who is nursing or under 2, she is welcome to bring along.


Check out our amazing Auntie Team, many of whom will be a part of Artemis Village!


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Contact Information


Phone: 510-731-0308

Address: 651 66th Street

Oakland, CA 94609


Most photography by Erika Gagnon

Gaia Girls Passages is a project of Gaia Passages, a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID # is 82-1688828 

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