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Wildflowers School-Year Series

For girls and gender expansive youth in Grades 2-5

In middle childhood a girl’s attention moves from family to the greater world. She may begin to lose a secure sense of self and her unique and powerful voice. This is when having mentorship and earth connection is critically important to her healthy growth. Wildflowers circles support you and your daughter in the journey from young to middle childhood to provide a solid foundation for what’s to come.

“I love how whenever you arrive, no matter how your day was you can’t help but feel happy.” 

~ Wildflowers Participant

Connecting with the Natural world: Fun games that mimic natural relationships and create a fun and embodied atmosphere of connection, tracking animals, learning from the birds, feeling at home in our bodies in our local ecosystems

Meeting Plant Allies: Creating bonds with our plant allies through creative writing, journaling, observation, and respectful harvesting for teas and herbal applications

Creating Beauty: Learning the basics of cordage from local plant species, creating a basic weave with hand dyed wool and natural fibers, carving, making baskets, building fires, coal burning, and more

Expressing and Using Voice: Through improv theatre exercises, girls enjoy playful and spontaneous self-expression. They will make a talking stick that they will use in our fire-side sharing circles. Topics addressed include how to approach challenging relationships, the changing nature of body and mind, and discussions based on our anonymous “question box.”

Learning about Emotional and Physical Changes: We will discuss in fun, comfortable and age-appropriate ways, the emotional and body changes that the girls may be experiencing already or are approaching.

Mama Bear Support: Moms will participate on special days with the girls. There is also one session per Fall and Spring season that is exclusively for moms which offers support for you as a woman and mother so that you can best support your daughter in this time.

One of the most troubling things about raising a daughter is watching her confront the climate of competition and rivalry in girl culture. Transforming this dynamic takes conscious, mindful intention, and that is what I see as the most important gift of Gaia Girls Passages. I see Gaia Girls culture helping her to negotiate difficult relationships at school; teaching her to seek out a culture of sisterly support, instead of damaging competition. 

– Monica Long, mother of Naiya


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