Camp Testimonials

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Summer Camp Testimonials

Listen to this beautiful poem written by Hazel, a Gaia Girl, about her wonderful experience at Artemis Village Camp in 2017!

What some mothers shared about their experience at Summer Camp 2015:

“Our experience at camp was profound and utterly magical.  In a culture that can be stressful and disconnected, where raising children and staying connected with your family can be forgotten in the midst of survival and materialism, I have prayed to be part of a village of loving, caring and conscious individuals who understand the importance of honoring the earth and each other as well as the sacred magic that we are.  This camp and Gaia Girls Passages has strengthened my bond with my daughter by plugging her into the energy of her source and the knowledge of who she is, as a girl emerging into a woman and as a human being.”
~ Amy, mother of Skye
“The teachings and leadership of Sarai and the other aunties was a powerful combination of facts, guided meditations, games, connection to others and the earth, song, movement, ritual and celebration that kept the girls (and the moms) deeply involved with the other people around them, the beautiful land and their inner selves.  For me I was able to reconnect with my own spiritual connection to the earth, celebrating the feminine and the power of ritual and celebration with other women and my daughter in a profound and playful way.”
~ Andy, mother of Sadira
“I feel like our time at camp really deepened our bond.  It was sweet to see my daughter having fun in the woods and seeing her and the other girls playing, being cooperative and responsible and sharing in a connection to the Earth.  As a mother, I also enjoyed the opportunity to rest, relax, and enjoy my time with the other moms.  There was a good balance of kid stuff, adult stuff, and bonding experiences for mothers and their girls together.”
~ Kishi Fuller, mother of Gabrielle


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