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Currently Enrolling Rite Of Passage Circles

Below are specific details about our currently enrolling circle(s).

For more information on the content of our Rite Of Passage program CLICK HERE.

“I found myself looking forward to growing up rather than dreading it. I now feel proud to be a woman!”

~ Rite of Passage Participant 


Year One ROOTS Circle, Berkeley 

Year Two FRUITS Circle, Berkeley: only for continuing girls

Peninsula ROP Circle

East Bay Homeschool ROP Circle 

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11 after-school gatherings (see schedules below)

4 Camping Trips: Three 2-night & One 1-night Campout
1 Mama Bear Circle
1 One-on-One Parent Meeting

In addition to all the above, joining one of our Rite of Passage programs also gives you access to our spring community-wide gathering, our winter ceremony for mothers, and our online Google Groups list-serve



$2200 before June 15th, $2300 after June 15th
Scholarships begin at $2000-2100 before June 15th, $2100-2200 after June 15th

  • Payment Plans are available in our online registration system

  • Additional Scholarships available upon request


2018-19 ROP Circle Schedules

Gaia Girls is always a huge relief in my week, and I feel more confident in myself and with others. I am a lot more connected to nature and the earth, in some way protected from what I don’t like about most middle schoolers’ behavior, like bad attitudes, judgment, and self depreciation and insecurity. I also feel I have a much better relationship with my mom.

~ Seventh Grade Rite of Passage Participant 


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