Marble Mountains Wilderness Immersion

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WHO: For teens who identify as female, trans, and gender-nonconforming and are entering grades 9-12. This trip is for you if who are ready to immerse yourself in expansive wilderness, grow your comfort zone, seek out new and unforgettable experiences, and discover the magic of the natural world that is always waiting for you.

WHERE: Marble Mountain Wilderness, Siskiyou County, CA

WHEN: August 3-12, 2018

WHAT: A 10-day immersion trip. We will meet at a central location to drive up together in a van to Castle Crags State Park on the Sacramento River. There we will share our first night and prepare ourselves and our gear for our great adventure. The next day we will drive to the trailhead in the Marble Mountain Wilderness and embark on an 8-day/7-night adventure in the stunning backcountry of the Marble Mountains, swimming in alpine lakes, drinking from springs, climbing up mountain peaks, marveling at the wildflowers, wildlife and vistas. We will make basecamp next to a lake and take adventurous hikes from there without our heavy packs. We will learn about and utilize edible and medicinal plants, tracking wildlife, navigating with and without a map and compass, fire-making and tending, stargazing, and how to be in the backcountry safely. On our way out we will spend one last night along the Sacramento River again before going home with our adventures still swimming in our heads.

WHY: Our teen years are inundated with messages about who and how we’re supposed to be. It becomes hard, sometimes near impossible, to hear our inner voice or to know where to turn to for good life advice.

Nothing clears the mind and connects us with our hearts like the natural world. Earth is our most honest ally, and if we slow down enough to listen to the lessons that surround us, we have everything we need to hear to be strong, authentic, compassionate people.

At a time when teens are seeking to grow in their independence, responsibility, and abilities, nothing quite helps us stand tall and able as spending time taking care of all your needs just with the pack on your back, the natural world around you, and your own two hands. Our sense of empowerment and ability can grow leaps and bounds.


We value ethnic, gender, and economic diversity. People of all backgrounds and identities are encouraged to join!

Scholarships and Payment Plans Available

Contact with additional questions.

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