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Gaia Hive Teen Program

For Teen Girls in Grades 8 & 9 (starting Fall 2018)

The Gaia Hive for Teen Girls is inspired by the creativity, cooperation, sweetness and interdependence of bees. The Hive is a place for your realness, your creativity, your voice, your courage, your action and your compassion to be expressed.  

Growing your Personal Ecology:


During after-school and weekend meetings, sleep-overs and campouts, and participating in a social action project, we will explore these four spheres of connection with your Hive:


  • Build your personal confidence and resilience through earth skills

  • Learn ancient skills that can help bring humans back into balance with each other and the earth

  • Grow Earth Skills such as willow basketry, animal tracking, fire-making, camping, herbal medicine, building, archery, permaculture, gardening, homesteading

  • The Hive will choose what Earth Skills focus to have and will invite skilled artisans in as needed to share their craft with us 

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  • Have fun and develop close friendships

  • Be part of a nurturing community to be real and grow with

  • Encourage each other to recognize, choose and nurture good friendships

  • Explore how to approach challenging friendships and relationships of all kinds

  • Learn how to grow a healthy, safe, and informed sexuality

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  • Explore identity as an intersection of your core-self, life experience, history, and ancestry

  • Strengthen your ability to “fit in” or confidently not “fit in” 

  • Develop skills of self-awareness and reflection helping you to stay connected to your truth

  • Use theatre, music, personal sharing, and public speaking to grow your unique voice

  • Learn to take good care of your body, mind, and spirit to be your own best caretaker

  • Refine your personal values to make good choices and grow your independence

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  • Use lenses such as Ecological Justice and The Great Turning to analyze, question and explore answers to some of the problems we face as a culture

  • Create a Social Action Project that you choose, organize, and participate in as a group to contribute to the world in a healing way

Meeting Format: We meet about twice a month from October through May, with a mix of after-school meetings on Thursdays, a couple of weekend day longs, several one night sleepovers in the East Bay, and one Friday to Sunday retreat/camp-out in the Spring. We encourage you to join one of our full immersion Backcountry Teen experiences in the summer as well! For exact dates and times see CURRENTLY ENROLLING CIRCLES.

Meeting Locations: We meet in local parks or indoor locations in the case of rain for our afterschool and daytime weekend gatherings. Our overnights will be a mix of campouts and sleepovers indoors.  

Sharing Circles:   Gathering outside, around fires, and with the waters is as old as time and can help us share from the heart, resolve challenges, and create connection with others.

Choice: You will have agency in designing how you would like to use the Gaia Hive to increase connection to the four spheres of yourself, the earth, your community, and the greater world. 

Social Action Project: This is the first year that we are incorporating a social action project into Gaia Girls.  As a teen, it is a great way to put what we are learning and exploring into action in the world and make a positive impact. We will very likely need to schedule and add a few more days based on what we decide here…

Hive Mind Recipe for Success: In order to be a harmonious group and be able to go far together, we ask everyone to put their full self in by signing onto our Hive Mind Recipe for Success.  This includes Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Truth in words and actions, Courage to try new things and be truthful even when it’s hard, Commitment to heal any conflict that may arise, Being Helpful, and Meeting aunties half-way.


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Phone: 510-731-0308

Address: 651 66th Street

Oakland, CA 94609


Most photography by Erika Gagnon

Gaia Girls Passages is a project of Gaia Passages, a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID # is 82-1688828 

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