Artemis Aunties

Some of the amazing Aunties who will be with us this summer are:

Jenya is an avid student of Nature. Whether she is foraging foods and medicines, designing and tending to permaculture gardens, or being a doula to mothers bringing new life into the world, she is devoted to remembering to read the languages of Nature and reincorporate that wisdom into every child’s life. She honed her skills at Headwaters Outdoor School in Mount Shasta, CA, and currently works as an instructor at TrackersEarth.

Mo supports reconnection and re-membering for individuals, community and place via integrative Ayurvedic bodywork, ritual and self-care education. She gives thanks each day to be walking a path of service and for continuing to learn and cultivate awareness. Mo will be bringing her musical self, offering community songs and melodies, and lessons on body/mind holistic and nature based self-care techniques to moms and girls this summer at camp.  Let’s get nurtured with Mo!

Caitlin Cherokee Williams has created and worked in many programs around the country connecting children and adults to nature. She teaches naturalist and wilderness living skills and is an internationally certified wildlife tracker. She is an adjunct professor in environmental sciences and is a frequent guest speaker at colleges and private organizations in the San Francisco Bay area. She has had the honor of being mentored by many great naturalists, trackers and indigenous elders whose commitment to the earth and people has inspired and informed her life. Perhaps most notable about Caitlin Williams is that she is very fun and deeply earthy.

Sarai is the founding director of Gaia Girls Passages. She has training in naturalist studies, education, music, art, embodiment, herbal medicine, and the healing arts. She has carried the question for many years of “What do girls need to grow into healthy womanhood?”  Through her education and years of working with girls she has found many answers to that question that are now woven into the web of what is today Gaia Girls Passages. See more on caretakers page.

Wearing a number of hats and shoes, Cody mixes her life as a professional organizer, teacher of somatic movement and non-fancy-pants yoga, and is an avid explorer of the world of creativity through dance, performance, and the wild and wonderful art of play. She brings imagination, a sense of humor, and creative and improvisational theatre and movement to camp. Because above all, Cody knows that living with a bright spirit and a connection to the wilderness takes courage, a dynamic sense of play, and a big, brave open heart!  Let’s get our silly on with Cody 🙂

Elizabeth Gould Is the Executive Director of the Red Web Foundation, an organization dedicated to menstrual education for girls and women.  She is also involved with community of women initiating girls into their young womanhood in New Zealand.  She is the  mother of two teenage girls and does moon-education with our girls and co-facilitates some of the mama bear circles

Emily Beggs is a cook, anthropologist, and teacher who is curious about the ecology and evolution of human diets, and the ways in which cuisine brings people together and connects us to nature. She has studied horticulture, culinary arts and healing traditions with chefs, farmers, herbalists and grandmothers in kitchens and gardens from the Sierra Nevada to the Andes. Emily has taught basic botany, nutrition, and cooking in English and Spanish to a wide range of students, and is currently developing a food business, Kin and Kitchen, with her brother and surf buddy JT Beggs. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, she looks forward to sharing her love of food, California Native plants, and wild places with Gaia Girls this summer.

Erika Gagnon is a Ceremonial Leader and visual artist. She brings a playful and grounded energy to camp.  She leads our water ceremony and holds a prayer ceremony with our moms at camp. She holds a deep understanding of  initiation, ceremony and various healing modalities from her own participation and education over the last 20 years.


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