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Gaia Girls Passages is Hiring!

Current Positions: Auntie/Youth Mentor & Program Manager

Program Manager and Administrator for Gaia Girls Passages
Applications accepted on a rolling basis, final deadline June 19 – Position begins on July 1

Gaia Girls Passages builds confidence and empowerment in girls through long term mentoring in coming of age nature based groups. All of our school year programs and summer camps offer a combination of nature connection, social and emotional intelligence skills, coming of age topics and experiences, and building community.

We are looking for an experienced Program Manager to organize and coordinate programs. We are seeking someone to start at 20 hours per week in this position with the potential for growth. Candidate should be passionate about our mission and ideally has experience working for a girls or nature based organization, has experience managing programs and excellent leadership skills, works well with others, can take initiative on their own, and has a familiarity with the digital and online formats that we use or willingness to learn. Candidate must demonstrate ability to both think creatively and have a knack for taking care of details in an efficient and organized way.

The hiring of this position will allow for Gaia Girls to maintain current programs and grow in the following ways: transition to a non-profit organization, increase our summer offerings, and widen the ethnicities and economic status of the populations that we serve, which we will be piloting in an afterschool program in an Oakland elementary school.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities will include:

Program Coordination: Manage school year programs and summer camps

  • Work closely with Director to determine which and how many groups and summer camps will be offered each season
  • Schedule and market open houses
  • Create job announcements for new Aunties
  • Coordinate schedules for Mama bear meetings
  • Liaison with the Lead Auntie for each group throughout season
  • Set up staff trainings
  • Other staff management duties TBD

Infrastructure: Purchase, organize, and track infrastructure needs

  • Purchase supplies when needed for office or program
  • Support staff in acquiring supplies needed for onsite programming
  • Program leads will also be responsible for tracking their inventory

Registration Administration: Track all program registrations and help customers with registration questions

  • Create registration forms for new programs
  • Encourage all program participants to register by deadline
  • Track payments and follow up with late payments
  • Help registrants with any questions or problems they have with the registration process
  • Maintain database of all Gaia Girls current and previous participants as well as inquiries and mailing list

Marketing and Communications: Stay connected to our greater audience and community through social media and our website

  • Update and keep an online presence on social media
  • Input text and photos and format monthly MailChimp newsletters
  • Input new contacts into mailing list when necessary
  • Use WordPress to make updates on our webpages when needed

Office based skills desired:

  • MailChimp
  • WordPress
  • Facebook and other social media platforms
  • Google forms, documents and spreadsheets
  • Online Registration Program (we use Active)
  • Email
  • Writing and editing skills

Ways that this job could evolve/change over time:

  • Hours could increase to 75% or full time within the year
  • Depending on skill set, candidate may focus more on one of these areas, and we may hire someone else to take care of an area that candidate is not as skilled in
  • Gaia Girls welcomes your creativity and passion and if you are someone who has a lot of programmatic and leadership experience, you could also work on the ground with the girls, and help to develop and grow our curriculum and trainings

** Please be sure to look through our website and be familiar with our offerings and then send your cover letter and resume to  We look forward to hearing from you!

Auntie ~ Youth Mentor
Applications accepted on a rolling basis – due by June 19 – position begins September 2017

Gaia Girls Passages is looking for passionate and dedicated female youth mentors to join our growing team for our fall after school programming in the East Bay.

All of the below skills are important, but above all of this you must deeply love working with girls, have a strong working ethic, be committed to racial and economic justice, and have a strong personal connection to that which we are teaching. Please read through our website so that you have a thorough understanding of what we are up to, and apply if you feel that your passion in life and skills match well with what we are offering!

We are looking for women with a proficiency in several of the following skills (the more the better but we recognize that this is a diverse set of competencies):

  • A deep connection to, knowledge and love of the natural world
  • Have a compassionate, caring, and curious heart and ability to be emotionally present and helpful with girls and parents
  • Knowledge of plant lore and herbal medicine
  • Knowledge and proficiency in several ancestral skills or crafts such as fire making, basket weaving, carving, natural dyes, shelter building, etc. and experience teaching them
  • Knowledge and skills in nature based mentoring and/or specifically the 8 shields model of cultural mentoring
  • An ability to lead groups of children and/or teens, read group energy, stick to a plan while responding to what is happening
  • Being a masterful conductor from stillness to play to focus and back again based on what is needed in the moment
  • Play an instrument and/or have ability to lead songs
  • Competency or interest in modeling and teaching skills of social and emotional intelligence
  • Experience and/or passion in Rites of Passage for girls
  • Competency or experience in facilitating dialogue about identity, class and race
  • Experience in organizing and/or engaging in civic, environmental, or social activism

We are looking for someone with professional and/or personal experience in at least some of the following areas:

  • Working with youth in 2nd – 8th grades
  • Working with girls specifically in 2nd – 8th grades
  • Working in nature based settings
  • Working for an 8 shields organization
  • Teaching skills of social and emotional intelligence
  • Experience working with teams

** Contact with resume and cover letter for consideration.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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