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Gaia Girls Passages is ready to Root, Strengthen and Grow!  

We invite you to be a part of our team of Gaia Girls supporters!  Each dollar that you give will help more girls to feel connected to themselves, the Earth, and each other.  Our next phase is about expanding what we are offering to under-served populations, getting more resources online, and solidifying our curriculum.  Girls who grow up as a Gaia Girl will be prepared to act in the world from a place of confidence, care, and connectivity.

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“Gaia Girls has, truly, felt like a gift from the heavens. In the wise, creative, fierce and loving care of the Gaia Girls aunties, I know that my daughter is seen deeply and honored for who she is, and equally as important, is being taught to see and honor others, and the natural world, in the same ways. I consider Gaia Girls a sacred community, in which my daughter is invited to connect fully with herself and her unique expression, joyfully, in the playful and caring company of other girls.

The effects of this kind of connection, and of being seen, known, held, and honored in these ways, I believe to be profound, and life-impacting; also, a powerful antidote to some of the less caring and honoring experiences girls have in our general culture. I am abundantly grateful to Gaia Girls, for what it’s making possible – both in my daughter’s lived experience, as well as in all of our newly-inspired imaginations of what life can look like, growing up as a girl”.

– Tanya Pearlman, mother of Ayla


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